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Classrooms In Motion

     Education from the in-side-out 

through the eyes of educators



Say it out loud! Yes, you can say,"How did that teacher get those students to do that!?" without feeling scrutinized! Classrooms In Motion is a teacher-centered concept to find out what is going on in education through the eyes of classroom teachers.  An inside look into what is working, to find out what teachers are doing that is making a difference in their classrooms.  Unlike other insights into education, this is an effort to take a real time look at education in motion.  No getting bogged down in polices and the like, but experiencing learning from teachers’ points of view as they prepare to inspire, nurture, encourage, and educate during classroom instruction.



This Month's Video Highlights

Balling  In Class

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Fortune Cookie Assignments

We are always looking for great ideas

that connect learning to the real world

we live in. This great idea began with a discussion while eating out with a group friends. This TOP Strategy is engaging,

can be aligned to standards and will ensure you a WOW moment in the classroom.

To purchase Teacher's Notes Lesson Plan, graphic organizer and Learning Mat go to Teaching On Purpose's Classrooms In Motion Products & Services

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Me and My Friends are stretching this year by sharing pics of our education space, this & that things we like, our "fav" websites and technology, music and great ideas for making it though the school year.
Mrs. C's Instructional Practices
Dr. Willis' Rooms

Classrooms In Motion: Great Idea for the Classroom - using dry eraiser paper as a center or group activity

Create a M and M Student Survival Kit using color therapy to inspire 

and establish communication protocal with your students

Reproduciable & Materials

Classroom Set Up and Design: from "Oh! wow! really this is my room" to "Ok, I can make it work!"

Great Ideas for the

School Year for

Teachers, Students & Parents


Standards, Assessments, Performance  Tasks, and

Unit Questions

Classroom Walk Thru for Great Ideas to Differentiate

Hot Tip That Works!


Problem: Students exchanging papers for grading is controversial.


Solution: Give students “red pens” to grade their own papers. After a quiz, test or a graded assignment handout red pens, students should only use the red pen. Remind them to put away all other pens/pencils. Place the grading card on the ELMO so they can write their grade on their paper.


Outcome: This is a great way for students to see their grade, test/assessment talk with them as you go, address/clear  up misconceptions and determine if you need to reteach the next day, you get back time because papers are graded and ready for the grade book!

Hot Tip for the Month!


Problem: Getting students to stay focused while working in student centered small groups


Solution: Use a set of plastic cups, green, red, clear or colors you like to reveal to you how students are working. This will allow you to work with one group and monitor small group's independent learning.


Outcome: Supports monitoring students’ progress, and provides students with a visual to help them stay on task and provide guidance about what they can do independently.


I truly believe that the best thing to happen for teachers and students is using data to drive daily instruction.  Think about it like this, most “professions” have required mastery standards that must be meet before you can be licensed, certified or receive a degree.  This mastery is based on taking an assessment or meeting standards to determine what you know.  The great thing about our profession and assessments is we can use assessments to not only find out what our students know, but what they do not know as well.  In addition, with every new school year a new group of learners enter our classrooms.  The best way to start with students is to find out what they don’t know. This information, which will be unique to every student, becomes a starting point for the teaching and learning process because assessments will tell any teacher what students know and don’t know, and the standards tell what they need to know.  Using assessments effectively and efficiently begins with two questions once data has been collected:What outcome do I want based on the data collected?Now, that I have data how do I use it to drive daily instruction?


What, when and how to use data has been revealed in research. A very valuable website, “Doing What Works” is an awesome resource that will guide any teacher, novice or seasoned on the journey to discovering how to use data to drive daily instruction.

How to Create and Use

Classroom Data Folders

Is this how you feel when considering usage of, thinking about or looking at data?  If so, then you need to view and employ the practices and methods found within this professional development presentation that has been divided into 3 Segments that conclude with an activity for you to do to help you not feel overwhelmed, but comfortable with using data to drive daily instruction.

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